Cloudy With a Chance of…You Decide.

I peeked out my bedroom window; billowy, ominous-looking clouds swelled the morning skyline.  My iPhone weather app confirmed the obvious – 60% chance of rain. Despite the threat, my legs ached for a good outdoor run.

I once again gazed out the window, and then hastily peered down at my running shoes.

Wait…did that storm cloud just laugh at me? 

I had two options:

  1. Hunker down with a bowl of last night’s spaghetti and settle in for some CNN Headline News.
  2. Take a chance on the rain and get my you-know-what into gear.

I chose option 2. And you know what? The sun came out. You want to know what else? I actually topped my all-time speed record.

Don’t let the threat of something bad stop you from pursuing something great. 


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