A Different Competitive Approach

Why should a consumer choose your product or service over the competition?

If your answer includes the word “better” — better quality, better approach, better taste, better WHATEVER — rethink your value proposition.

When competition is low, you can bet on better. Let’s say your town is home to two craft cocktail bars. If Bar X crafts a better drink than Bar Z, then Bar X can win on better. But, let’s say your town is home to a handful of craft cocktail bars. Everyone is competing on better.

“Our mojito is better!”

“No way…our mojito is better than yours!”

“Really, we have the better mojito.”


Competing on “better” quickly becomes confusing in a highly competitive category. And noisy. Which leads consumers to tune out. That is, until, something categorically different comes along.

“We help you craft your own mojito.” 

<record scratch>

Different turns heads. Different rises above the shouting match of who’s doing it better. Different is memorable.

If competition has you brainstorming how to do it better, don’t waste your time. Figure out how to do it differently.






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